About Spindler Confections

Established in the spring of 2012, Spindler Confections specializes in handcrafted Caramels, Brittles, Pate de Fruits, and Chocolates. And when we say handcrafted we mean it. Our confections are stirred, poured, cut, wrapped, sealed, and labeled by hand, and to top it off everything is produced in small batches too (10 lbs. or less).

We add no artificial flavorings, colorings, or high-fructose corn syrup to our products; however, some products do contain light corn syrup (which is primarily glucose), and those products that contain marshmallow fluff have a bit of vanillin. Is it a bit of a trade-off? Yeah, but it’s worth it, and we’re in Somerville! (the stuff was invented here).

Online orders will be guaranteed a shelf-life of at least two weeks; regardless, the sooner you enjoy your candies the better they will taste.