Candy Making Classes

CLASS 1: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

You'll learn the basics of tempering chocolate, making simple fillings, prepping, filling, and capping molds.

This class is highly interactive & you'll leave with about $50.00 worth of chocolates that you helped create.

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CLASS 2: Crazy for Caramel!

You'll learn the essence of making caramel from scratch. We'll cook up a batch here in the shop, then cut & wrap a batch for participants to take home.

We'll discuss ingredients, equipment, sugar crystallization and how to control it, cooking temperatures, safety, and ways to play with your recipe to get the result you want.

This class is somewhat hands-on, but the cooking portion is purely demonstration for safety reasons. Caramel is EXTREMELY HOT when cooked! You'll go home with approximately $25.00 worth of caramel.

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See you there!