Locally Sourced & Special Ingredients:

Many of our ingredients are conventionally sourced, however we currently use some locally sourced/manufactured ingredients in many of our confections. While we would love to source everything locally, it is quite difficult with confectionery. Sugar just doesn't grow in New England, and the Beet Sugar industry sadly died long ago.

Butter - Cabot Creamery Cooperative , Cabot, VT (butter churned in West Springfield, MA).

Pure Maple Sugar - Butternut Mountain Farm, Morrisville, VT.

Marshmallow Fluff - Durkee Mower Inc., Lynn, MA.

Natural Extracts & Oils - Olive Nation, Charlestown, MA.

While Callebaut Belgian Chocolate is not at all local, it's quality makes it worth mentioning. We use Callebaut Dark,Milk, and White Chocolate for all molding and dipping.

Same goes for the pectin, which we get from Pacific Pectin, a small family farm in Oakhurst, CA.